5 in 5 Wreck Tour

We make “Wreck Diving” easier.

Bring six divers and we will treat you to some of the best cold water wrecks in the world. Our Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia has done a great job of procuring and sinking these vessels for your pleasure. 

HMCS MacKenzie

Sunk September 16, 1995, near Sidney, BC

MV GB Church

Sunk August 11, 1991, near Sidney, BC

Xihwu (key’quot) Reef-737-200 Boeing Aircraft

Sunk January 14, 2006, Chemainus, BC

RivTow Lion

Sunk February 5, 2005, near Nanaimo, BC

HMCS Cape Breton

Sunk October 20, 2001, near Nanaimo, BC

HMCS Saskatchewan

Sunk June 14, 1997, near Nanaimo, BC

Dive With Us!

Call or Text for availability:   250-208-4920, or

What we will do for you:

  1. Pick you up at the Swartz Bay or Anacortes Ferry Landing or the Victoria International Airport if you choose to fly.
  2. Check you into your accommodations at our retreat.
  3. Provide you with a hearty breakfast, boat style lunch and home style family dinner each day.
  4. Fill your tanks with Air or Nitrox (standard tanks and weights included).
  5. Provide two boat dives per day for five days.

5 x $300.00 per person per day +12 % tax: $1,500.00 + $184.30 = $1684.30.
Non Diver sharing bed with diver, also welcome on boat: $150.00 + $18.00 = $168.00

Total: $1684.00

Deposit: $500.00 (non-refundable) at time of booking.

1. 50 % 60 days prior to booking.
2. 50 % 30 days prior to booking.

10% Commission is based upon a minimum of 6 divers.

Best Times for This Trip

Best visibility & weather in this area is:

Spring: March 1 – April 31

Fall: August 15 – November 14

Pre-Dive Check Out

If you have not been scuba diving in cold water in the past three months it is a requirement that you complete a pool checkout prior to getting on to our boats.

We will test:

  1. Buoyancy and weights.
  2. Air management, regulator breathing efficiency and air sharing.
  3. Suit seals and leak test.
  4. Dive buddy skills and communication.
  5. Surface Marker Buoy deployment, whistle, light signals, submersible GPS and radio.